Solar PV

Coolair are one of Irelands leading suppliers and installers of Photovoltaic (PV) systems for Residential (Affordable and Private), Educational and Commercial applications.

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We at Coolair specifically concentrate on Photovoltaics (PV), which is the active solar technology which produces electricity from solar radiation using solar cells encapsulated in panels called PV modules.

PV systems generate DC electricity from these modules and this electricity is converted from DC to AC electricity for general use in the building.

PV is the most reliable and stable of all renewables with no moving parts and requiring very little maintenance.

The annual Kwhr yield from PV modules is consistent year in/ year out.



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PV is proving to be the best solution for local authorities, housing associations and private developers who are now required to meet their Part L obligations
Coolair have experience in the complete PV design with clients’ architect’s and engineers and are also involved in the full installation with the builder.





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Coolair have also been involved in the design and installation of PV systems for new Schools , which are being designed to Passive House standard.
We have also installed PV systems to existing schools and the largest stand alone PV system in the Republic of Ireland is one of ours generating over 30000kwatt hours per annum

School systems also have an onsite display which allows pupils, staff and parents to see the benefit of PV solar energy



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We have been involved in various commercial PV projects from Nursing homes to supermarkets. Each of the systems provide on site “clean” electricity with associated Co2 savings to the end user.





Coolair are the official supplier of PV Solar Panels for the ESB HALO Project.

Benefits / Advantages of Solar PV are as follows:

  • Essential to comply with Part 'L' of the Building Regulations
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • 25 year performance guarantee
  • Long life expectency
  • Both domestic & commercial installations


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