Air Distribution Equipment - Diffusers

Swirl Diffusers

SWIRL DIFFUSER TYEP DLA7 Thumbnail0Diffusers with Swirl characteristics are often used for a direct ventilation of occupied zones in commercial and industrial facilities which require high air exchange rates.  For example, restaurants, shopping centres, financial institutions, offices, meeting rooms and laboratories.

We supply LTG swirl diffusers (DLA) with adjustable air distributing components.  These diffusers offer an attractive, modern design and flexibility in terms of air flow pattern.

The highly inductive, fanned rotational flow makes it possible to handle high cooling loads and still maintain comfortable air conditions. This effect is created by flow from many individual air jetsDLA8 PIC Thumbnail0 which make the diffuser suitable for small or large volume flows and variable volume systems.

The recommended installation height is 2.5 to 5 meters. As DLA diffusers / air distribution equipment are easily adjustable the patterns can be set to suit varying room conditions,


The diffuser plate is available in either powder coated, to RAL reference or chromium plated.  The swirl disc is available in black or white.EXAMPLE DLA7 BANK Thumbnail0


Fast installation as pattern can be factory-set but subsequently modified to suit new room conditions.


Good comfort in the occupied zone is ensured by rapid decay of velocity and temperature difference of the supply jet.  Direct, efficient ventilation of occupied zones.

The Pyramid Box

  • The type P Pyramid air distribution box offers cost advantages regarding shipping, storage, handling and service.
  • Thermal losses are cut by half due to a 50% reduced surface
  • Easy installation and removal thanks to simple tilting without the need to disconnect
  • No insulation required, therefore no friction in the supply airflow
  • With as few as 3 units, about 66% room saving compared to square air distribution boxes.

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