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Data Centres are relentlessly hungry for power, fuelling constant demands for computing capacity 24/7.

IT equipment converts all the power supplied to it into heat; yet to work reliably it needs stable temperatures and humidity so this heat needs cooling, using yet more power.

Efficiency through Design

ALPHACOOL PLUS Thumbnail0Coolair has been delivering high efficiency, intelligent cooling solutions to the IT sector for over 30 years. In partnership with our supplier - Airedale, the leading UK manufacturer of precision cooling systems and chillers, we have a vast range of solutions and the expertise when it comes to critical environments and high density IT and Data Centre Cooling.

Airedale products deliver flexible and efficient cooling that works smarter not harder. From the smallest computer rooms to the largest data centres, we can offer IT cooling solutions which give quality and reliability that maximise uptime.

Our expertise will help you make the necessary changes that will significantly reduce your cooling energy costs and enable more power to be delivered to the IT infrastructure.



Features / Benefits

Reducing the Cost of Ownership
Cooling can account for about half of the total power consumed by a typical heat diagram Thumbnail0data centre. By cooling more efficiently, you can substantially drive down PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)
Efficient Cooling
Our systems are Intuitive - Working at part load, our IT cooling systems can save considerable amounts of unnecessary power usage
Free Cooling – Continually Saving Energy
Using colder ambient air to cool the data centre space, our systems can save vast amounts of energy
Flexible and Adaptable
We have the expertise to mix and match free-cooling chillers with precision air conditioning systems and IT cooling products

Product Range

EasiCool (6-64kW) 

The EasiCool™ is a quiet, efficient, indoor precision air conditioning unit that maintains a precisely controlled air conditioned environment within the smallest possible footprint.

An excellent value, modular package that is easy to install, the EasiCool™ is ide

al for small computer rooms and other critical applications where performance and reliability are essential and space is at a premium. Providing exceptional configuration flexibility, the EasiCool™ enables you to tailor unit selection to your specific application.

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SmartCool (11-233kW)

Winner of ‘Datacentre Energy Efficiency Product of the Year’ at the 2014 Datacentre Solutions Awards and ‘Commercial Building Services Product of the Year’ at the 2014 H&V News Awards, the SmartCool™ is developed to meet demand for an ultra-efficient, dedicated chilled water PAC system that delivers extremely quiet and accurate climate control for critical data centre applications.

The SmartCool™ CW delivers up to 30% more cooling kW/m² when compared with competitor units, keeping footprint to a minimum to free up premium IT space.

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Ecotel (5-32kW)

The Ecotel™ FreeCool Fan Box is a self-contained packaged AC unit available in various model sizes designed to provide up to 90% energy cost savings on cooling in telecoms, internet service providers, trackside signaling cabins, switching and relay stations.

Free cooling is cost-effective controlled ventilation: The Telecom cabin or room is cooled by means of ambient air without any refrigeration.

Adequate, as sole cooling solution, for cooling cabins or rooms in most climate conditions.

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OnRak (3-35kW)

The OnRak™ IT cooling solution is a resilient rear door heat exchanger, designed to manage high discharge temperatures directly from the server into the aisle space.

In dealing with the heat load closer to the source, the OnRak™ is highly efficient in both power usage and floor space and is ideal for targeting hot spots in medium to high density IT environments.

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InRak (10-67kW)

The InRak™ is a high performance in-row cooling solution which precisely cools and conditions air in close proximity to the servers and provides industry-leading cooling for its footprint.

Advanced air flow management within the InRak™ innovatively transmits cooled air horizontally across the front of the server racks. This acts as a curtain, providing even cooling over the full height of the server rack whilst managing the aisle static pressure. Single circuit models of the InRak™ are available in DX or chilled water (CW) units and dual circuit in CW.

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AireTile (0.74-1.2m3/s)

The AireTile™ is a data centre, air flow management system developed to remove hotspots caused by high density servers and racks and improve the efficiency of aisle containment systems. If sufficient cool air is not supplied to server environments, hotspots can occur which reduces cooling efficiency and significantly increases operating costs.

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