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The Altherma Flex is a centralised heating system with individual control for apartment buildings and social housing.  It's modular design allows Consultants and Architects to incorporate the system in any development project.

It adds Value for Apartment Owners, with its innovative combination of heating, cooling and domestic hot water production in a single system.

Meeting Building Regulations Now and in the Future

Altherma can reduce CO2 emissions and running
costs by up to 50% when compared to traditional
heating systems. This important statistic means
that housebuilders have the capability to meet
both current and anticipated future building
regulation requirements such as their obligations under Part L.

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Altherma is today's answer to current and future issues associated with conventional heating systems such as increasing energy costs and unacceptable high environmental impact.  With this system, 2/3 of the heat generated comes from the air, which is free of charge! 


One of more inverter-controlled outdoor heat pump units can provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water to an apartment building, with 1 outdoor unit combined with up to 10 indoor units.  Outdoor units Altherma Thumbnail0between 23 and 45kW extract the heat from the outdoor air, raise it to an intermediate temperature and transfer this heat energy to the individual indoor units.

3-in-1 System

The Altherma Flex heats, cools and produces domestic hot water.  thanks to its heat recovery function, the system can heat up the domestic hot water tank up to 60degC with rejected heat from cooling operation.


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