Process Chillers

Screw Compressor Chillers - Class A Efficiency in Every Size

screwline chiller Thumbnail0The SCREWline range of Chillers from Clivet are high capacity (up to 1,500kW) with water-cooled shell-and-tube exchangers specially developed for R-134a gas.  The air-cooled exchangers have been designed and made directly by Clivet to ensure best adaptation to the other refrigerant circuit parts.

The compressors are managed with continual adjustment of the capacity and are fitted with an economiser circuit for further operating efficiency.  Continual adapting of chiller operating parameters to the load conditions of the system in which it is installed reduces consumption and noise level, while the working life of the parts increases.

Chillers have a Load-bearing frame in enameled hot-galvanised sheet metal with semi-hermetic double-screw compressors and shell-and-tube evaporator ensuring reliability, constVinyard Thumbnail0ant performance and utmost weather resistance even under extreme conditions of use.

  • Source: - Air / Water
  • Best efficiency at full-load operation
  • EER up to 3,1 (source air) / 5,1 (source water)
  • Up to 1,500 kW capacity per unit


ICEBANK - Thermal Storage Systems

TSU M installation 1 Thumbnail0As the name suggests, they use ice to build and store cooling when cooling demand and/or energy rates are low (mostly overnight), which the system then uses for air-conditioning or process purposes when energy rates are high (mostly daytime).

For many years Coolair together with B.A.C. have engineered and supplied Thermal Storage Systems for HVAC process applications.


Reduced Energy Costs - Ice Thermal Storage reduces peak demand, shifts energy usage to non-peak hours thus saving energy and reducing energy costs.

Increased Efficiency - the chillers run at night time when condensing temerpatures are lower, thus increasing the efficiency of the chiller.

Energy Savings - typically Ice Bank Chillers run at full load.  Screw compressor chilleTSU CD installation 1 Thumbnail0rs run more efficiently at full load which leads to energy savings and reduces the wear and tear on the chiller compressors (which would normally result due to frequent stop/starting associated with normal operation).

Reduction in Connected Electrical Load - less chillers and reduced heat rejection equipment together with smaller air handling units and circulation pumps combine to reduce connected electrical load and services.

Less Plant Space - smaller chillers and heat rejection equipment.  Equipment can be up to 50% more compact.

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