HVAC Chillers

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Clivet combines the best technology with an excellent product quality and performance certification system.  Over the last 20 years Clivet have become the experts in design, manufacturing and distribution of chiller equipment with high efficiency and low environmental impact. 

Their HVAC chiller range includes: - Water Cooled, Air Cooled, Remote Condenser and Free Cooling Chillers.

Multi-Scroll Compressor Chiller

eer Thumbnail0Simply the Best Efficiency at Part-Load Operation

Efficiency that increases as the heating load decreases, while guaranteeing maximum requested load when necessary.  SPINchiller always insures maximium comfort with very high efficiency and consequently considerable energy savings.

(WSAT-XSC) - Available in capacities from 692 to 965kW


Features: -

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NEW - SPINChiller2 is now availablehospital project dublin.JPG Thumbnail0

  • In both Excellence and Premium versions
  • Very high part-load efficiency, great seasonal efficiency
  • Class A at full load operation is now available
  • DST (Dynamic Supply Temperature) for further savings
  • System industrialization thanks to the built-in hydraulic group
  • Perfect for Commercial, Residential and Industrial applications
  • (WSAT-XSC2 / WSAN-XSC2) Available in capacities from 197 to 657kW


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  • Complete Climate Control