Meeting the Need for Humidification

Electrode Boiler with Open Doors Thumbnail0Humidification is essential to so many aspects of life. It creates a healthy working, living and leisure environment, preserves artifacts, national treasures, hygroscopic materials.  Humidity control is also essential to many processes that require efficient, reliable operation of machinery and equipment from printing to telecommunications.

With expertise in humidification, Vapac offers a wide range of humidification products as stand-alone systems or OEM’s, used by third party manufacturers as integral parts of their own units.

Adapting to environmental changes and the need for energy efficient systems, Vapac uses the latest advances in technology that optimise the reliability and effective operation of all its humidifiers.

Vapac’s fit-and-forget approach provides users with a modern generation of systems that can be easily installed and offer high efficiency gas fired units, a resistance range for all types water quality and an electrode boiler range that is both diversified and low in capital cost.

Adding moisture to a space should be a simple process, we ensure that it is.

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  • Hospitals: - Operating Theatres, Recovery Rooms
  • Print Works: - Fluctuations in paper size can cause numerous printing problems
  • Laboratories: - All formats can benefit from stable humidification conditions
  • Ceramics: - Decoration and curing
  • Art: - Museums and Galleries
  • Engineering: - Paint Spray, Test Facilities, Clean Rooms, Calibration
  • Electronics: - Production, Static Control
  • Telecommunications: - Static Control
  • Pharmaceuticals: - Chemical Storage, Material Stability
  • Construction: - Brick and Tile Curing
  • Health: - Spa Centres
  • Computers: - Server Rooms, Data Centres
  • Air Conditioning: - Many applications where the cooling process removes moisture

Product Range

  • Electrode Boiler Humidifiers
  • Resistance Heater Range
  • Gas Fired Humidifiers

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  • Complete Climate Control