Roof Top Packaged Units

Climate Control in Large Buildings

Picture3  2  Thumbnail0Roof Top units are the quickest and most competitive solution for climate control in large buildings.  The cooling or thermal energy needed for climate control is produced locally - only when required - and sent to the serviced areas via a suitable air distribution and diffusion system, consisting of ducts and diffusion terminals (outlets, anemostats, nozzles, etc.).

Our rooftop units are highly efficient because they do not use intermediate fluids.  They offer a very high performance thanks to systems such as active thermodynamic recovery.

A Host of Solutions

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Benefits of Clivet Roof Top Packages1 Picture4 Thumbnail0

  • Versatility of use: the wide range of versions, options and accessories allow unique integration and flexibility of choice, regardless of the intended use and the external climate.
  • Easy to position and install: the units are exceptionally compact, perfect for positioning on particularly crowded roofs. The units, pre-tested in the factory, feature immediate start-up thanks to the packaged approach, which includes everything the systems needs. It only requires to be connected to the electrical mains and the air system.
  • Reduced management costs: energy consumption and therefore the management costs are drastically reduced thanks to: the high efficiency of the innovative refrigeration circuit optimized for functioning at partial load, free-cooling, the heat recoverer, optional electrostatic air filters and the automatic control and adjustment of all air flows
  • High attendance application: up to 80% fresh air


  • Cinemas
  • Retail
  • Airports, Railway stations
  • Restaurants / Theatres
  • Industrial areas
  • Conference Centres


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