Absorption Chillers

BROAD - Direct-Fired Absorption Chiller

Free Cooling from Waste Heat

Established in 1988, Broad specialise in Absorption Cooling and are World Leaders in this Field.  Unlike their competitors, they only manufacture Absorption Chillers and have continued to develop and innovate their product since their first Direct Fired Gas Chiller absorption Thumbnail0was launched in 1992.

  • Unparalleled installation reference list - over 25,000 units installed worldwide
  • Chiller capacities available from 70 to 11,000kW
  • 70% of the Japanese absorption chiller market
  • Regeneration mediums possible include: - Exhaust Waste Heat/ Direct Fired Gas / Steam / Hot Water / Oil
  • Multi energy regeneration possible: - Exhaust Gas / Jacket Water / Direct Fired Gas Backup
  • 24 hour / 25 year internet monitoring of all systems
  • Applications: to provide chilled / heating water for large scale buildings
  • Cooling Efficiency at full load: 136% / Cooling Efficiency at integrated part load value: 156%

Non-Electric Chillers driven by Waste Heat do not consume useful energy, and therefore their energy efficiency is infinitely high.  For example, exhaust gases from a CHP Plant together with Jacket Water is an ideal source of Free Energy which can be harnessed to provide Free Cooling.

The Only Cooling Technology to Utilize Waste Heat
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Three functions in one: cooling / heating / hot water
Energy Saving
40% energy saving compared with other similar non-electric chillers.
Absolutely Safe
All Safety Certification are secured.
Many Choices
Can meet customers’ diversified cooling / heating capacity, water temperature and pressure limit. There are 300+ varieties and 7000+ applications

Reference Projects

  • South America's Tallest Building: - Costanera Centre - 30 MW
  • Madrid Airport: - 20 MW powered by exhaust gas
  • Barcelona Forum: - 18 MW natural biogas / steam
  • China World Trade Centre Tower III: - 11.63 MW
  • Carrefour Colmar Shopping Centre: - 1.3 MW

Madrid Airport, Spain - International Case Study

madrid airport Thumbnail0


Cooling Capacity: - 20MW
Energy Input: - Hot Water (6 units)
Energy Efficiency: - 80% (electricity & cooling)
Power Generation Efficiency: - 41%
Yearly Energy Saving Cost: - €2.15 million
Payback Period: - 1 year
Yearly CO2 Cutting: - 17,500 ton

Equivalent to Planting 0.95 Million Trees!

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