Air Handling Units


2 P1060394.JPG Thumbnail0Air Handling Units from 2,100m3 – 100,000m3

The KG Top series of air handling units represents efficient air-conditioning technology which can be tailored to every building project.

These air handling units offer very high efficiencies (up to 92% heat recovery) and are fitted with components such as fans and heat exchangers which have been optimised for LCC (life-cycle costs).


"Cheap" in air handling technology becomes expensive in the long run.  Short term considerations regarding the investment outlay only for conventional RTL systems compared to systems optimised to achieve excellent Life Cycle Costs (LCC) will result in high operating costs later on.  Wolf air handling systems are equipped with components improved with LCC in mind, which, in the long term results in a significant redcuction in annual operating costs.

Units can by equipped with a freewheeling fan / EC motor unit.  Compared to the three-phase asynchronous motors, energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved.

Applications: Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Offices, Schools / Universities, Retail, Commercial

Available in Hygienic Version - which complies with the following standards: - new side Thumbnail0

  • DIN 1946 T4 (12/2008)
  • VDI 6022 (04/2006)
  • DIN EN 13053 (04/2002)
  • GS - Tested Safety
  • TUV certified

Atex (explosion proof) design available

High Voltage tested according to VDE 0700 as standard

GS test mark

Weatherproof version available

The Pinnacle of FlexibilityAHU 3 Thumbnail0

Customised Solutions
16 sizes for customized solutions and maximum planning flexibility
Energy Saving
Complete energy saving systems ensure an optimum ambience anywhere and reduce operating costs through efficient energy recovery of up to 90%
Optimum Hygiene
Absolutely smooth, gapless bottom and top surfaces guarantees optimum hygiene
Easy Handling during Transportation and Installation
Plug-in frame design for easy assembly and dismantling reduces transport and storage costs 

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