R22 Replacement

Replacement Technology - The Solution to R-22 Phase Out

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Why Replace?

R-22 Phase Out
R-22 refrigerant gas has been banned for use in the manufacture of new air conditioning and heat pump systems since January 2001. It has been phased out and is no longer available for the service and maintenance of existing plant since January 2010. Furthermore, from January 2015 the use of R-22 refrigerant, including reclaimed and recycled R-22 will be peer Thumbnail0rohibited.

High Efficiency
Due to significant developments in heat pump technology, today's air conditioning systems, running on R410A refrigerant, offer better performances than R-22 and R-407C.  Upgrading can result in efficiency gains of more than 40%

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Using existing piping and in some cases existing indoors means a shorter installation time

Reduced pressure and automatic cleaning of refrigerant pipe-work

Increase Capacity
Replacement technology enables system capacity to be increased without changing the refrigerant pipework

Replacement Technology - VRVIIIQ

Many existing VRV systems (either due to age or as a result of the R22 phase-out) will be nearing the end of their lifecycle.  Innovative Replacement VRVIIIQ is a highly cost effective replacement for VRV systems. 

Historically replacing a VRV system would have meant replacing all interconnecting pipe-work which is costly and highly disruptive for the customer.  VRVIIIQ enables existing pipe-work and in some cases indoor units to be re-used (subject to site survey), thereby reducing installation time and intrusiveness along with installation costs.

The R22 phase out regulation will impact on all currently operating R22 systems Current demand for reclaimed / recycled R22 has lead to supply shortages and increased prices

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Contact us now to arrange a FREE SITE SURVEY. We will audit equipment on site and advise on the options which include replacement, refit or retrofit. 

In our evaluation of the best solution we will calculate likely energy savings, CO2 reductions and payback period for you to present to your client for approval.


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